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We Stand Up For The Rights of The Injured

When you trust someone to safely build or repair your property, you should expect them to do what they promised and make sure that all materials used are safe. When you decide to rent property for your home or offices, you should be able to trust that all structures are up to health and safety codes and that they will not cause harm to your or your family. It can be shocking to later learn that you had been living, working, and possibly exposing your children to dangerous toxic mold that can cause severe illness and injury.

When you learn that your health and well-being have jeopardized, it is completely understandable that you may be very emotional. You may feel betrayed and may want justice for the injuries you and your family suffered. If you are in this situation, it is important to know that David G. Carter and Carter Law, LLC, as part of The Mold Firm, Atlanta’s Premier Dedicated Mold Law Practice,  is here to listen to your concerns and provide valuable and straightforward advice regarding a possible legal case. If you have been harmed by toxic mold, please call us for an initial discussion today at 404-872-5959.

Written by: Carter Law

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